1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (641-650)

For those of you who have been following along with the list, you know that we add twenty albums each week. We are going to tweak things a bit for the remainder of the list, adding anywhere from 5 to ten albums at a time, but posting the lists a bit more frequently. Additionally, we will have links next to each album, so that if you find an album interesting, you can click on the link and buy it.

Here is another 10 to add to the list.

Remember that there is no ranking system here, and if you don’t see your favorite jazz album yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t show up.

Hopefully these lists will inspire you to seek some of these albums out that perhaps you haven’t heard before, or revisit an old favorite. And as always, we want your thoughts on any or all of these albums. Either way, let’s get started with this week, and in no particular order, albums 641 through 650.

641. Ask The Ages – Sonny Sharrock (Axiom, 1991) CLICK HERE TO BUY

642. Live! In Tokyo – Bobby Enriquez (GNP, 1982) CLICK HERE TO BUY

643. Perugia – Roland Hanna (Freedom, 1974) CLICK HERE TO BUY

644. Pure Emotion – Chico O’Farrill (Milestone Records, 1995) CLICK HERE TO BUY

645. Irakere – Irakere (Col, 1979) CLICK HERE TO BUY

646. Stomp it Off (compilation) – Jimmy Lunceford (GRP Records, 1992 compilation date, 1934-35 recording dates) CLICK HERE TO BUY

647. Night Leaves – Jaki Byard and David Eyges (Brownstone Recordings, 1997) CLICK HERE TO BUY

648. We Three – Roy Haynes (JVC Victor, 1958) CLICK HERE TO BUY

649. A Genuine Tong Funeral – Gary Burton (RCA, 1967) CLICK HERE TO BUY

650. Solo Guitar – Earl Klugh (Warner Bros., 1989) CLICK HERE TO BUY

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