Up in the Cotton Club

Did anyone ever suspect that someone would mix Beyonce with Duke Ellington and his band? I can safely say I didn’t see this one coming. My music director called me into his office to give this a listen, and I truly couldn’t believe it. I must have heard Single Ladies by Beyonce a million times, but even though she is singing the lyrics, I didn’t even recognize it because of the way it was mixed with Duke.

Anyway, you’ve got to give this a listen – just for fun.

3 Replies to “Up in the Cotton Club”

  1. Don’t like it. Two different sounds and she is dessed to sluty for thaat tune. Her sound his to popish and his is classic cool, smooth. Maybr Dana Owens should of done it or Nora jones>

  2. I think this music vid is wonderful. It not only expands Beyonce’s range of abilities (I really like her voice already), but it also shows how alive Duke Ellington can be today.

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