Random Flip Through the Quincy Jones “Quictionary” #2

quincy jonesOn quincyjones.com, Quincy has what he calls a Quictionary – described as “a glossary of people, places and things associated with Quincy.” We all know that Q has had a busy career, but there are a variety of things that you may have never known about him, or projects he was related to until you saw it on the Quictionary. Periodically I will pull a random entry from the Quictionary and post it. Here are a few randomly pulled entries:


Bremerton, Washington – The Seattle suburb that Quincy moved to at the age of 10 with his father, brother and step-mother. It was there he discovered his love of music.


Institute for Black American Music (IBAM) – An institution that Quincy helped found to aid in the creation of a national library of African-American art and music.


Peggy Lipton – Quincy’s third wife and the mother of Kidada and Rashida Jones. Lipton, an actress best known of her role on the Mod Squad and later Twin Peaks, was married to Quincy from 1974 to 1990. Peggy first met Quincy in 1968 on a trip on Sidney Poitier’s yacht to the Bahamas.