Random Flip Through the Quincy Jones “Quictionary” #3

quincy jonesOn quincyjones.com, Quincy has what he calls a Quictionary – described as “a glossary of people, places and things associated with Quincy.” We all know that Q has had a busy career, but there are a variety of things that you may have never known about him, or projects he was related to until you saw it on the Quictionary. Periodically I will pull a random entry from the Quictionary and post it. Here are a few randomly pulled entries:


Count Basie – One of Quincy’s idols and the best bandleader of the swing era. Quincy arranged his landmark collaboration with Ella Fitzgerald, Ella and Basie in 1963.


Joseph Powe – Quincy babysat his children when he was 11 so he could study his music books on scoring and arranging. Powe was a military officer and directed the vocal group Wings Over Jordan. He recruited young Quincy to join an a cappella group called the Challengers.


“We Are the World” – The landmark 1985 single produced and arranged by Quincy to aid famine-relief efforts in Ethiopia.  The song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and performed by an all-star cast following the American Music Awards.

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