5 Replies to “Journalism, Privacy, and the Memory of Hank Jones”

  1. When this statement began the reporter’s column “[Hank Jones] led an oddly bifurcated existence toward the end of his 91 years on earth,” it obligated the author to expand upon that statement. How such a comment could so glibly be made on the basis of a first impression of a bedroom, baffles me. This is an example of a failure to fact check whether or not Jones’ life was a conundrum or whether or not Hank Jones did, indeed, actually have a bedroom. Bathroom included? Story at eleven.

  2. Real jazz musicians of Hank Jones’ caliber have never qualified for the “Lives of the Rich and Famous.”
    At his age, most likely he was conserving all his energy and focus for the most important thing in his life: music.
    The “journalist” should have consulted with the Jones family before he published.

    1. I’m pretty sure Hank is not concerned with where he spent his last days on earth considering the Finish Carpenter prepared his current digs.For a good picture of how beautiful a person Hank was check him out on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland.

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