Jazz legend Ramsey Lewis releases 80th album today

Photo by Justin Steyer/KPLU

Three-time Grammy winner Ramsey Lewis, who rose to prominence in the early 1970’s, released his 80th album, Ramsey, Taking Another Look today with his Electric Band.

Lewis (who performed live in the KPLU studios in October 2009), signed with Los Angeles based boutique label Hidden Beach Recordings earlier this year, and Ramsey, Taking Another Look marks the first release on the label.

On the ten song CD,  Lewis and his Electric Band breathe new life into many of Lewis’ favorite tunes including a  new rendition of  the Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and a new edit of the original “Sun Goddess” recording featuring Earth, Wind & Fire. “Living for the City” is  accompanied by a music video created at Chicago’s Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, with Film & Broadcast and Recording Arts students taking the lead on production.

Featuring an energetic performance by Ramsey Lewis and his Electric Band, the video below celebrates the visual vibrancy of Chicago at night time.

“The idea of the electric quintet came up and having played mostly in an acoustic trio arrangement for twelve-fifteen years, I decided to get together with the guys to see how it felt. The rehearsals went so well that I called in my engineer, Danny Leake, and my producer/son, Frayne Lewis to come in and roll tape. I’ve recorded maybe 65-70 albums, and this album is definitely among the top five.” – Ramsey Lewis

In support of his upcoming release Ramsey will be touring this summer and into 2012 with a five-piece electric band including Henry Johnson, Tim Gant, Joshua Ramos and Charles Heath.

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