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  1. I like your comments on wntaing to be a winning franchise. I have watched the games from the 3rd row since I was 8yrs old. It has been up and down this year with emotion as the Jazz struggle. I agree with lots of fans who say they can take a hard played loss. What a fan can not take is a team who’s fan have more heart than they do. With a young team I think they need more pressure from their boss to win. Why don’t you bench the players that are not playing hard. Afraid of the loss??? Well I see comment after comment that the fans can take a loss as long as the team plays hard. The player I am most upset about watching is MEmo. I am a huge fan of Memo. But he will make or break the game. You can tell when he plays with heart . I also think that the coach needs to step up his drama from the side line. He hasn’t gotten kicked out of a game yet. Where is his passion for his team! Deron is the team leader, tell him to get his team pumped up! Half this game is about attitude! T. Bailey commemted last night they used to call Larry Miller the white Rhino you could hear him comming down the hall if their was laziness on the court. I am not saying that you need to be your Dad, but maybe just demand more of YOUR team! Let’s get some Heart on the court!

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