(End of) Summertime Poll

The final days of summer are upon us, and depending on where you live, summer seemed far too short, just right, or far too long this year.

Regardless, the end of this summer inspired me to post our first poll in quite some time, asking you what your favorite version of Summertime is. Your comments are encouraged!

[poll id=”3″]


2 Replies to “(End of) Summertime Poll”

  1. When I think of the tune, Miles’ version is always the first music I hear in my mind. Languid, yet exciting, it’s hard to beat his version, arranged by the excellent Gil Evans. A few years back, I submitted a “summer playlist” to The World Cafe, a (generally) rock radio show in Philly. But I put Miles’ “Summertime” at the top of my list, and David Dye, the host, selected my list to play on his show. It was great to hear the Davis version on a pop show.

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