1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (461-480)

Here is another 20 to add to the list.

Remember that there is no ranking system here, and if you don’t see your favorite jazz album yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t show up.

Every week I will offer up twenty more, in no particular order and with no ranking system or common theme (other than jazz of course).

Hopefully these lists will inspire you to seek some of these albums out that perhaps you haven’t heard before, or revisit an old favorite. And as always, we want your thoughts on any or all of these albums. Either way, let’s get started with this week, and in no particular order, albums 461 through 480.

P.S. – You may notice a common theme among the musicians this week.

461. Pete Fountain’s New Orleans – Pete Fountain (MCA Records, 1957)

462. Piano in E – Solo Piano – Ellis Marsalis (Rounder, 1986)

463. New Orleans, Vol. 1 – Preservation Hall Jazz Band (Columbia, 1977)

464. Strange Fruit – Irvin Mayfield and The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (Basin Street Records, 2005)

465. The Library of Congress Recordings (compilation) – Jelly Roll Morton (Rounder, 1938 recording dates, 2007 compilation release date)

466. Al Hirt’s Jazz Band Ball – Al Hirt (1956)

467. Mysterious Shorter – Nicholas Payton (Chesky, 2006)

468. Louis Armstrong and King Oliver (compilation) – Louis Armstrong and King Oliver (Milestone Records, 1923-24 recording dates, 1977 release date)

469. Oh, My Nola – Harry Connick, Jr. (Columbia, 2007)

470. Bounce – Terence Blanchard (Blue Note, 2003)

471. Live at Newport – Mahalia Jackson (Columbia, 1958)

472. Trio Jeepy – Branford Marsalis (Columbia, 1988)

473. The Fabulous Sidney Bechet – Sidney Bechet (Blue Note, 1958)

474. In Binghamton, N.Y., Vol. 2 – De De and Billie Pierce (American Recordings, 1962)

475. The Legendary Kid – Kid Ory (Good Time Jazz, 1956)

476. Duke Elegant – Dr. John (Blue Note, 2000)

477. Funeral For a Friend – Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Ropeadope Records, 2004)

478. Live at Blues Alley – Wynton Marsalis (Columbia, 1987)

479. The Bright Mississippi – Allen Toussaint (Nonesuch Records, 2009)

480. Jump, Jive, and Wail: The Essential Louis Prima (compilation) – Louis Prima (Capitol/EMI Records, 2007)

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