1,000 Jazz Albums You Should Hear Before You Die (101-120)

With the first 100 behind us, here is another twenty to add to the list.

Remember that there is no ranking system here, and if you don’t see your favorite jazz album yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t show up.

Every week I will offer up twenty more, in no particular order and with no ranking system or common theme (other than jazz of course).

Hopefully these lists will inspire you to seek some of these albums out that perhaps you haven’t heard before, or revisit an old favorite. And as always, we want your thoughts on any or all of these albums. Either way, let’s get started with week three, and in no particular order, albums 101 through 120.

101. blackstone legacyBlackstone Legacy – Woody Shaw (Contemporary, 1970)

102. pithecanthropus erectusPithecanthropus Erectus – Charles Mingus (Atlantic, 1956)

103. expansionsExpansions – McCoy Tyner (Blue Note, 1969)

104. PilgrimagePilgrimage – Michael Brecker (Heads Up, 2007)

105. san franciscoSan Francisco – Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land (Blue Note, 1970)

106. freeFree – Benny Golson (Argo, 1962)

107. catching talesCatching Tales – Jamie Cullum (Verve, 2005)

108. Me and the bluesMe and the Blues – Joe Williams (RCA, 1964)

109. Ben and SweetsBen and Sweets – Ben Webster with Harry Edison (Columbia, 1962)

110. out of the afternoonOut of the Afternoon – Roy Haynes (Impulse!, 1962)

111. sarah vaughan with clifford brownSarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown – Sarah Vaughan and Clifford Brown (Verve, 1964)

112. trio 99 00Trio 99>00 – Pat Metheny (Warner Bros., 1999)

113. A Love SupremeA Love Supreme – John Coltrane (Impulse!, 1964)

114. my spanish heartMy Spanish Heart – Chick Corea (Polydor, 1976)

115. three suitesThree Suites – Duke Ellington (Columbia, 1960)

116. Stripling Now!Stripling Now! – Byron Stripling (Nagel-Heyer, 1999)

117. PeacemealPeacemeal – Lee Konitz (Milestone, 1969)

118. listen here!Listen Here! – Gene Harris (Concord Jazz, 1989)

119. mercy, mercy (buddy rich)Mercy, Mercy – Buddy Rich (World Pacific, 1968)

120. thelonious monk with john coltraneThelonious Monk with John Coltrane – Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane (Riverside/OJC, 1957)

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  1. i’m in love with jazz and i need to have my collections.i must and must hear the 1,000 jazz albums before i die.
    i will so appreciate if i get details of where i can get jazz versions of some hit albums from year 1980 to 2009.

  2. Good day;

    I am a 39 years old young adult who have listened t variuos genres but Jazz.

    I would like to have a list from Jazz – Blues, Scratch e.t.c.

    I am looking to get to acid Jazz, but I think I would like to start with easy going taste.

    Its the first time that I have visited your site and I realise that you are already at number 100 and odd.

    Please excuse the inconveniance, could you e-mail me your list from number 1.


    (South Africa)

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